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The Fast Small Business Loan You Need For Working Capital

Fast & simple business financing for your business needs.

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Complete your application in just a few minutes. Only the most basic documents are required.

Fast Approval

Your application will be assessed within 24 hours. Then you’ll have your cash in just a few days.

Your Repayment Choice

Pay back your loan with your choice of repayment method. Daily or weekly ACH payments.

The Main Street Difference

Main Street Finance Group understands the difficulties of meeting your business financing needs. As a small business ourselves, we also understand the importance of access to fast and reliable financing.

Most traditional business loans require collateralized assets, high credit scores, and a lot of paperwork. Even with all those requirements, you’ll have to wait at least a couple of weeks for approval. Our program is different. Main Street Finance Group specializes in helping small businesses find the alternative financing they need. We can help you find the financing that’s suitable for your business.

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Our Business Loan Products

Fast, simple, and personalized business financing for your small business.

Business Cash Advance

Business cash advances are the fastest and now the most popular method for financing small businesses.

Business Line Of Credit

Want to control how much funding you draw and when you draw it? Apply for our flexible business line of credit.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Do you have too many individual debts? Consolidating them into a single debt may be more sustainable.

Collateralized Loans

Want to use collateral to secure a better loan? We can help you get the collateralized loan that suits your needs.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing allows you to buy the machinery necessary for your business by collateralizing purchased equipment.

Healthcare Cash Advance

Healthcare cash advances are based on future insurance receivables and regular business revenue.

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