When you need fast cash that you can pay off, traditional business loans aren’t always fast enough. Business cash advances can provide fast working capital when you need it the most.

What Is A Business Cash Advance?

Business cash advances (BCAs) are upfront cash injections into your business in exchange for a percentage of future sales. Business cash advances can be used to finance most types of future sales.

When you apply for a BCA, you’ll agree to a factor rate, which is similar to an interest rate. A factor rate, represented by a decimal fraction (ex. 1.20) determines the cost of your advance and your repayments. 

Your repayment method with a BCA is very different than the repayment method of a term loan. Once you take your advance, the repayment of the amount will be made through ACH and automatically withdrawn on a predefined date. As such, BCA providers evaluate the risk of financing you differently as well. They will assess your credit card sales, as well as many other normal indicators such as:

· Your credit score

· Your time in business

· Your business financial records & debt schedule

Why Take A Business Cash Advance?

A business cash advance can be the right choice in one of several situations.

If you don’t qualify for business term loans, you likely still qualify for BCAs. Your application will be assessed differently, and less weight will be placed on your credit score. If your credit card sales are consistent and high enough, the BCA provider may be willing to overlook a lower credit score. They may also be less stringent regarding your other borrowing qualifications.

If you need funding fast, a BCA is one of your faster options. BCA providers are typically quite fast at assessing your application. Due to the nature of BCAs, less documentation is needed when you apply. So, you can expect to spend less time preparing to submit your application as well.

BCAs are better-suited to certain business types. Online businesses that take credit card payments are especially well-suited for BCAs. In fact, the less reliant your business is on cash, the more useful a BCA may be. But even brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit. Just keep in mind that BCAs are a newer form of business financing that focuses on credit card sales.

Overall, if you have a strong sales record, but bad credit, you should look into BCA options.

Why Not Take A Business Cash Advance?

BCAs are fast, easy, and convenient funding options. But they can be relatively expensive.

The average BCA is significantly more expensive than the average business loan. Your APR with any BCA will likely be well above 30%.

One important thing to remember about BCAs is they are NOT considered business loans. What they are is an agreement for you to sell your future income for immediate funding. As such, they are not regulated in the same way that other business financing options are. The main downside this arrangement creates is that you can end up paying far more than you would from a fast business loan.

What Do I Need For A Business Cash Advance?

BCAs require some of the same documentation that business loans do. Overall requirements are lower.

Upon reviewing your business’s financial documents, your BCA provider will come up with an offer. Worse credit will lead them to offer higher factor rates. Also, having a bankruptcy on your record will lead many BCA providers to reject your application.

What Are My Other Options?

There are plenty of other business financing options for you to consider. The most popular options are installment loans and lines of credit.

Business term loans can be used to cover most business expenses. They can be used to finance a large expense like a software update or vehicle purchase. They can also be used to inject cash into your business when you’re having trouble covering working capital expenses. What’s best is that they can fill these financial gaps in your business at a much lower cost than a BCA.

Business lines of credit are a better option when you expect expenses over the course of the next few months. With a line of credit, you are in control of the funds you draw. That means you’re also in control of the interest you end up paying back. Lines of credit are better options when you’re going through renovations, covering a seasonal drop in sales, and other long-term commitments.

For these purposes, we offer business lines of credit up to $500,000.

Whatever your particular needs, Main Street Finance Group can help. We are here to provide fast and simple financing. Whether it’s a BCA, installment loan, line of credit, or more, you can get approved in a matter of hours.

The Main Street difference is that we don’t believe your credit score or tight schedule should stop you from getting the financing you need. As a small business, we understand the frustrations that come with waiting for other lenders. Because of that, we also offer lower interest rates and won’t ask you for a personal guarantee.

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