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If you’re in need of business financing and looking for extra capital, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best offers and lowest rates in the industry, and can get you qualified and approved within hours with minimal paperwork! We have many programs for you to choose from. Find out what you can qualify for in minutes!

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    Our requirements are:

    1. At least six months in business
    2. Processing a minimum of $5,000 in credit card sales
    3. OR $12,0000 minimum in gross sales

    Main Street Finance Group offers the following options:

    • Business Cash Advances
    • Lines of Credit
    • Long-Term Secured/Unsecured Loans
    • SBA Loans
    • Business Debt Consolidation
    • Equipment Financing
    • Credit Card Processing Savings

    We appreciate that business owners with imperfect credit ratings still have successful, profitable businesses that can reasonably afford financing. Please contact us regardless of your credit rating and we will do our best to surprise you with what we find.

    Most merchant cash advances and other funding programs we offer do not put any restrictions on how companies use their funds.

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