Everyone’s got to eat. Unlike many other parts of the economy, the food service and hospitality industry is always booming across the nation. Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, catering companies, manufactured food distributors, delivery services, specialty gourmet stores and others beside may have a bright, profitable future, but the options for help with a small business loan are usually not.

Most food service businesses lack the traditional assets needed to qualify for a bank loan. But in many cases, a restaurant’s credit card sales are usually enough to qualify them for a business cash advance. While many brokers are quick to give offers to these businesses that take a large slice of their revenue in order to pay back, Main Street Finance Group looks for the best offers available with low rates and flexible payback options.

If you operate a small food service business that needs help expanding, a loan during the off-season, or consolidating existing business debts, let us know and we will see what kind of small business loan options we can find.