One of the great mainstay industries of America is the energy and natural resources sector. This includes companies such as lumber mills, oil and natural gas harvesting companies, telecom companies, and others. Experimental technologies like solar energy and energy recycling companies are also on the rise.

While even small businesses in this industry are usually quite successful, it is also a very competitive trade. Many small businesses are need to add new revenue sources in order to stay competitive and keep up with constant need for expansion. Energy companies also have many special needs. In some cases, they may not have regular or consistent deposits to work with. Companies that work in industries such as oil may find their success is tied to commodity values that they cannot control.

One of Main Street Finance Group’s specialties is finding that little extra bit of funding for energy companies. Some may need new equipment, or need to refinance existing debts. Others also need to expand or overhaul their entire business. Main Street Finance Group has programs in place that also work for the majority of these situations. Contact us today to see what kind of options we can put together for your company.