Small, health-care related businesses nationwide have a hard time finding help in the form of small business loans. Healthcare companies offer valuable services to the public, and are very profitable. However, they still face tough approval standards. Those that can find an approval may still face tough restrictions.

Main Street Finance Group has a proven track record of finding small business funding opportunities for the healthcare industry. This includes small practices such as general practitioners and dentists, and most healthcare support and service providers. We know that many medical and healthcare businesses work hard and often have the revenue for getting loan help. We find the best business cash advance, line of credit, and unsecured term loan options available for the healthcare industry. There are also collateral loans for businesses that have valuable medical equipment or facilities.

Healthcare Cash Advance

Main Street Finance Group has yet another great option for healthcare businesses. Healthcare cash advances can also be used in a way similar to a business cash advance. Instead of basing payments on a percentage of credit card sales, HCA’s can base payments on incoming health insurance payments. Therefore, a business that relies heavily on insurance payments can often get a much better offer through HCA. HCA offers are still about as fast and convenient as typical cash advance offers.