A few years ago, the construction industry was hit very hard by the housing recession. Unsold homes and buildings flooded the market. Since then, easy credit for construction projects has all but dried up.

Thousands of construction companies closed their doors or faced years of hardships. Today, construction companies and contractors still face very high standards for acquiring business loans.

Many lenders simply do not offer approvals for construction & contracting companies. This is especially true for very small construction companies. Businesses that run out of their home, or only have a few main deposits a month, often struggle for access to credit. Main Street Finance Group specializes in funding businesses in this situation. We have a proven track record finding loan options for small construction businesses that cannot find help elsewhere.

We offer business cash advances, lines of credit, and unsecured term loans for these companies. Also for those that own construction equipment or real estate associated with the business, we also offer collateral loans. Let us know your situation and in no time we will provide the best offers available with very affordable rates.

Construction Financing Alternatives

With merchant cash advances, there are no monthly fixed payments to worry about. Our system is designed with the business owner in mind. Many of our clients tell us that they have higher revenue after receiving their construction financing funds. They invest well and never even feel the impact of the repayment. Some buy equipment for pennies on the dollar. Others also use funds to secure cheap inventory. Our clients can strike fast at an opportunity when they need to. Its a really smart alternative to conventional construction financing.

So, how do you start? That is easy as well. Simply give us a call. Our toll free number is (866) 739-5558. You can also fill out the form above and send it via email. One of our consultants will help you decide if a business cash advance is the right construction financing option for you. They will answer any questions you have. Our advice comes free with no obligations. We treat our clients well. In fact, they are our best sales people. Their referrals are also a big part of our business.

Get started today. You could have your construction financing in days.