Automotive Business Loans

The automotive industry has changed more than most industries in recent years. The car industry bail-out was one of our nation’s largest debt refinancing efforts.  Automotive business loans have become hard to find. Also the industry has continued to see major shifts. Investments in new manufacturing and vehicles keeps bringing changes. These changes leave small business owners behind before others.

automotive business loansAuto sales, tow truck, and auto shop businesses have a much harder time getting access to financing compared to others. Car services are considered a high risk industry. Such companies often have large financing debt themselves. Consolidating such loans can be very difficult.
The focus of Main Street Finance Group is to find small business loan options for businesses that can’t find any, and that includes those in the auto industry. Many business cash advance lenders will not work in the automotive business loans industry. Our industry experts use their knowledge to find options for those who can’t. Unsecured term loans, business cash advances, and lines of credit are available for auto businesses. Also, fully owned business assets such as business vehicles and real estate property can be collateralized. We have a proven track record finding funding for even small, single owner mechanic shops. So get started by filling out our application here.